We rely on our wonderful team of volunteers to assist us in the shop and on our Committee of Management. There is a diversity of roles including sales, sorting, shop display, communications, marketing and management committee member. Volunteers bring benefits and qualities and are vital to the health and success of this organisation. Learn more on our Volunteers page.


Dallas Hall, Manager
The Shop Manager is responsible for the daily operations of the shop, ensuring the shop operates efficiently and effectively. The Manager is responsible for building a co-operative team of individuals who together form a vibrant and enthusiastic workforce. The Manager will work with the team and community members in a way that promotes human dignity and creates conditions for social justice and equity.

Claire Adams, Retail Assistant
The Retail Assistant is responsible for the operation of the shop by ensuring it operates efficiently and effectively. The Assistant will work with the volunteers in a co-operative manner.


A seven member Committee of Management donate their time for the legal, banking, taxation, compliance, marketing, . . . . etc issues that all business must deal with in Australia. The 2021 committee members are:

Gary Hutchens, President
Brenda Forbath, Secretary
Richard Barber, Vice President
Annette Robinson, Treasurer
Ann Maree Smith, Member
Ian Linnett, Member
Anita Horvath, Member